Sunday, April 8, 2007

More Californians-as-Mexicans

California really isn't taking over, but a lot of folks from up here and going down there. This is the second post showing a few Sacramento area folks enjoying a winter break in Mexico. Check the next post for more pictures.
Picture one is Capt. Dick Gilmore, retired Bee photographer and well-known sailor, aboard Solitude in Marina Vallarta. he looks happy, but there was a touch of frustration waiting on his sick outboard motor to come back from repair. (Update: he is in Cabo San Lucas waiting for a weather window to sail north.)

Photo two shows Dan and Lorraine Olsen, off the sailboat Zephyrus, having breakfast at Malaque. A day or so later they sailed up from Barra de Navidad to Tenacatita Bay, with Pat and me as crew, to join other friends before heading further north. Guacamole and beer works for me. (Update: they are now in Mazatlan.)
Then there's a bad shot of a shy Dustin Fox in his apartment in Puerto Vallarta. Dustin was headed out early to the docks where he works as a marine electronics specialist.

And then there's my beloved Pat, also at breakfast on the beach. We seem to pull out the camera every time we eat. (Update: we are back in the mountains, and just celebrated Easter at a service in Murphys, then came home and then I cranked up the chainsaw while Pat practiced her hammered dulcimer.)

And finally, a group hard at work in the living room/patio/palapa at the apartment in LaManzanilla. Pictured are Michael, David, Sylvia and Scott. (Update: So far as I know, everybody is back at work, though a few are planning a return to Mexico soon.)
Even though LaManzanilla is a small town, you'll note they are using the wifi link to check out something on Sylvia's laptop. It's a wired world.

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