Wednesday, January 23, 2008

California living- shovel, ski, sail

Camp Connell, CA - Well, it IS winter after all, and the fact that it continues snowing more than two weeks after the last blog was posted should only be a mild surprise.

Here's a picture from today, after I spent three hours shoveling and the plow came twice. I know it is blurred, but it was snowing and my hands were shaking from all that shoveling:

We do have snowshoes, and use them once in a while to get to the general store at the end of the lane and across the highway. But today was just boots and coats, because we stayed out of the deep stuff, like that on the roof.

We cancelled a trip down the mountain to the big city (Angels Camp) where they have a real car wash, and a Starbucks, due to bad road conditions. Yes, we have all-wheel drive, but we aren't stupid about it.

But all is not snow and ice and huddling by the fire. There is a beautiful ski resort just up the road. With my season pass I can go, ski for short while, and head home early for the hot chocolate, and still get my money's worth. We did that earlier in the week.

This is at Bear Valley Ski resort. Check it out at
Lines are rare, non-existent at midweek, and lots of groomed intermediate runs appeal to me and the other geezers.

Pat contributes as a lodge bunny (can I say that?) and brings along a good book and food, while I go off down the mountain.

And then of course, this being California, last week we went down to San Francisco Bay and went sailing.

You may notice were were bundled up a bit, but we were sailing, and there was no snow!

Forecast: For tomorrow there is a 70% chance of snow, and the high temperature is expected to be in the mid-to-high 20s.


Michael J. Fitzgerald said...

All looks like fun - if a bit chilly - but fun!

Natalia said...

Well written article.