Friday, May 1, 2009

What about the flu?

We don't have it.

We never even heard of anyone being sick in the towns we visited, or in the state of Jalisco while we were there.
Depending on who you believe, the flu incubation period is 48 hours, maybe up to five days in rare cases.

Our last exposure -- if there was any -- was in the Los Angeles airport terminal Wednesday. The airport food was so expensive it made me sick and irritable, but other than that we are fine. Still ticked off that they charge $18 for cheeseburger.

We have decided to self-quarantine until Monday, and besides we just want to do laundry and sleep a lot. We feel great, but don't want friends and family to feel weird. It is rainy and cool here, probably snow in the higher altitudes, and we have a fire in the stove. Burning incense cedar smells like home.

We never saw anyone in Mexico or LA who appeared to be sick.
Even the Red Cross workers in the Mexico Airport were not wearing the masks which dangled around their necks. They must have done the research and learned they are not very effective.
Amiga Sylvia Fox took this picture of us with the Red Cross volunteers in the Manzanillo Airport just before we went upstairs for one more cerveza and quesadillas. That's me on the left holding onto my good health, and Captain Michael on the right, holding onto the ladies. Por que no?

It was warm and we were outdoors most of the time, both conducive to good health.

We have been washing our hands like crazy.

Our only current health issue is the allergies that kicked in as soon as we landed in California. It is Spring, after all.

The bruises from dropping a kayak on my head seem to be going away.

And I have mild symptoms of beer and beach withdrawal.


Courtesy of Past Expiry Cartoon

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Anonymous said...

Sanders- To paraphrase Del Gue, "The Alps is foothills and the Sierra Nevada's are for children to climb. But the Rocky Mountains...the marrow of the world. Greetings from a long lost former mentee from your Marietta days, where you and I once played guitar and drank beer on the back porch. I still have that burgundy Guild. Enjoyed your blog. Best, JP