Monday, April 19, 2010

Read the fine print

Camp Connell, CA -- California voters are always being asked to vote for or against a long list of initiatives. The subjects are often obscure, and the meaning unclear.

Be sure and read the fine print. Better yet, do some research.

A good example is the mailing I just received at home from something called the "California Jobs Initiative." It is a request to sign a petition, but it is misleading and masks the real purpose.

It is a corporate-paid campaign to fool you and me. The have a legal right to try and change existing law this way, even if it is essentially dishonest. There is no law against lying to the public when politics are involved.

The mailing/petition claims to represent "working families and small businesses."

But in reality, it's just a sham for massive corporations that want to avoid being responsible citizens. There are no working families or small businesses paying for the expensive political campaign.

Guess what. It's the big oil companies and corporate representatives trying to avoid paying their fair share to help clean up the air they have been fouling for years with old equipment in refineries and bad practices.

There are no new taxes involved. This law was passed and approved by voters some time ago, but is just now coming into play because the corporations lobbied a big delay in implementation.
The list of "supporters" reads like a Who's Who of organizations that want to protect us: Chambers of Commerce and so-called Taxpayer Associations lead the list.

They claim energy rates will go through the roof if this "new" tax is passed, with no evidence to back the claim.

They do not point out that new jobs will be created, and some economists (not paid by oil corporations) believe it will actually stimulate the economy and bring major financial benefits.

If you are inclined to believe the mail, I encourage you to do more homework. Several independent news organizations in the state have reported on the financing and the reality of this campaign.

Even our Republican governor thinks this is a misleading campaign.

Find out for yourself. The back of the envelop gives you a clue when it says "major funding by Valero Energy..." That's the billion-dollar oil company.

Or, you can join me in tearing up the petition and returning it in the mail to the corporate sponsors.

Send them a message.

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