Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas 2007

Camp Connell, CA.-- The view from our kitchen window is not unusual at this time of year.
For our friends in the South, we call those shiny things icicles, and yes, one is hanging from a bird feeder.
Actually the temperature soared today, up to the 50s, and snow and ice is melting rapidly. But here on the shady side of the mountain it takes days, or weeks, for things to really warm up. And it has been in the teens at night, so I plan to go skiing after the Christmas crowds go away.
More snow is predicted for later this week, which should make for a very pretty Christmas.
We came home Friday after spending a week painting and patching our Sacramento home(pictured below), where we lived (when not traveling) for the better part of ten years. It is now on the market, and we are hopeful it will sell quickly at a ridiculously inflated California price. If it doesn't, we'll rent it out for a year and wait for the market to improve.
Like everyone else who has fixed up a place to sell, we wondered why we didn't do all that fixup while we lived there. Whatever. It is someone else's turn.
It's a good house, built in the 1930s, lots of character. hardwood floors, and stained glass windows in the cabinets.
But we are quite happy, thank you very much, to be spending this Christmas in our mountain home, complete with snow. Our children are nearby, and the grandchildren are en route right now to help us decorate our tree.
We spent the morning at our historic little church in Murphys, including duty as candle lighters for the advent wreath. Preacher says we represented the new folks in the church, and it is a place where even bearded pony-tailed retired journalists are welcomed.
We like it. One reason why: this is a very small church (around 100 members) in a very small town, and yet the congregation chipped in more than $11,000 this month to Heifer Project International, our favorite charity for fighting poverty around the world. You can check it out at the web site:
People here care about each other, and so do we: particularly for our friends and family scattered all over the world this holiday season.
Merry Christmas to each of you.
And here is a final look (we hope) of our former home.

Fourth Avenue in Sacramento

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Michael J. Fitzgerald said...

Sad to see the old girl on the market... But let's hope she goes to a good home - and quickly!

In the meantime, throw another log on the fire and make reservations for Mexico. The Grey Goose Express will be in La Manzanilla in two days and then rechristened as the Tenacatita Bay Yacht Club shortly thereafter (when it is on the beach).

It's about 75, low humidity, and the Cabernet Sauvignon is flowing, on this day before Christmas Eve.