Saturday, December 8, 2007

Photo chronicles

This is a series of photos of life in the mountains for the LaMont/Gray families.
Nothing fancy, and if you are not as enamored of these families as I am, feel free to move on to other stuff.

The family gathers in Murphys, in front of the historic Murphys Hotel, for a birthday breakfast for all the males in the family, all born in November. Connor is slightly eclipsed by his sister Delaney, not an uncommon event, but he manages quite well.

A better view of the hotel (Black Bart slept here) and main intersection of town.

This is what it looks like in the Fall when you drive along Skunk Ranch Road, where the Grays live.

And this is what Ruth and Delaney look like when they are having a good time together, which happens quite often.

And this is Bodie, the country dog, one year old, relaxing. he does that well. Yes, he is a beautiful Golden Retriever, born in the Bay Area and named for a famous gold mining town.

Here is an action shot of Pat helping out in a sailboat racing contest, held by Connor's Cub Scout troop.

It's hard to tell from this photo, taken at the Twisted Oak winery tasting room, that Papa LaMont was a classmate of Joe Namath at the University of Alabama.

And finally, a picture of the family having fun in Florida last winter when Harold Moon was kind enough to loan us his boat for a ride on the Banana River.

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