Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Care Reform? Ask a Canadian

Camp Connell, Ca -- I am trying not to get discouraged as I read the latest news about the health care debate in Congress: millions of dollars being spent by insurance companies lobbying Congressmen; Congressmen who should know better, failing to do homework on the basic facts of the awful situation we are in; the medical professions monopolizing health care training, even to the number of doctors in the training system paid for by taxpayers; the White House compromising to try and get some sort of reform to a system all acknowledge is broke, and the cynicism of the rich talking heads convincing people -- even the poor and uninsured -- that some evil plot is behind reform.

Consider this fact from the article cited/linked below: we waste $800 Billion a year paying for unnecessary administrative costs for big insurance companies and lawyers defending their practices, and that is 6% of our GNP.

Read it to find out what a Canadian health care official thinks of the current systems in our two countries:,0,538126.story

(I could not get this link to work correctly, so try pasting it in and adding one word : "STORY" at the very end. Otherwise, just search the LA Times Opinion pages. It is worth the effort.),0,538126.story

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